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We still have remainders of the original Jena glass works, which stopped producing in 2005.
All products are genuine and only with limited availability.

Original parts: We do have original parts for many products.
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Unity of art and technology. Designed by Wilhelm Wagenfeld.
Wilhelm Wagenfeld, precursor of modern industrial design, cooperated with Jenaer Glas in a special way: both accepted one of the earliest relationships of art and industrial technology.

Jenaer Glas (Zwiesel Kristallglas)
Zwiesel Kristallglas took over the brand Jenaer Glas. All Jenaer Glas products that are now made by Zwiesel Kristallglas also use the heat resistant borosilicate glass developed by Otto Schott.
Continuing the history of Jenaer Glas and the design philosophy of Wilhelm Wagenfeld, new collections and product lines have been created with a simple and elegant shape. All products bear the world famous Jenaer Glas logo. The Jenaer Glas brand is, since 1918, known for her competence with heat resistant glass. Thanks to their physical properties, all products by Jenaer Glas are extremely versatile and everyday companions.

Trendglas Jena

Since Jenaer Glas GmbH stopped producing in 2005, Trendglas Jena GmbH produces heat resistant glass, sometimes in original shapes from the Jena tradition. These products are sold in 44 countries under the names "trendglas" and "Trendglas Jena".

Excellent craftsmanship, "Made in Germany", certified quality, continued development and solid experience with heat resistant glass ensure a high-grade processing of the glass.

Trendglas Jena GmbH is part of the Csonka group, which resides in Sopron, Hungary, and is one of the biggest and efficient producers of borosilicate glass in Europe.

Csonka Glass was, for over 12 years, coproducing with the Jena glass works. Today, the continue to work with Trendglas Jena.

Trendglas Jena certification


Simax  - is the heat resistant ovenware for every home. The Simax product line encompasses tea glasses and tea pots as well as oven dishes and cake pans. We also carry their bowls, jars and baby bottles. See our product suggestions to get the most out of your purchase!
Simax products are made with Kavalierglass in the Czech Republic. The glass dishes permit "visible" cooking, preparing , storing and serving.

    - cooling and freezing up to -40°C (-40°F)
    - heat resistant up to 300°C (570°F)
    - micro wave and oven safe, dishwashersafe
    - safe for gas stove with heat distributor and the electric cooker
    - absolutely tasteless special glass
    - does not release any materials - ideal for allergy sufferers
    - does not change colour and is easy to clean
    * no sudden changes of temperature - i.e. directly from oven to freezer, hotplate should not be smaller than the size of the product (but may be bigger)