Care Instructions

How to take care of our products:

1. Please always wash the products before you use them!
2. Do not change the temperature of the glass too quickly, or it might break.
3. Empty dishes should never go onto the oven plate, and warm dishes should not be placed on a cold or wet support.
4. While cooking, do not add cold liquids.
5. The glass will get hot – please use oven mitts or gloves.
6. Use only for food and beverage. Do not store chemicals or medicine in dishes you intend to use in your kitchen later.
7. Heat the glass steadily and only with some content.
8. Please use simple dish washing liquid for cleaning, no products based on sand or steel wool.
9. Blown glass with a round basis can go directly on a oven plate, if the plate is bigger than the basis of the dish. Please make sure that all glass is sitting on the plate.
10. Many dishes have plastic lids which come in handy to store foods and make provisions in the fridge or freezer. Please remove the lid before using the dish in the micro wave. Also all products with a glass lid can be used in the fridge or freezer.